Quantity Surveryors


Quantity Surveryors

A Quantity Surveyor typically manages the financial aspects of a building or construction project. Historically the quantity surveyor was responsible for the measurement and scheduling of all materials and works involved in building. Today the role of the quantity surveyor can range from feasibility studies and economic evaluation including determining budgets, to forecasting future values and cash flow, as well as accounting for quantities of building materials, estimating the value of future works and monitoring the expenditure, variations and claims during the construction phase of a project.

Some Quantity Surveyors are involved in research as well as program, project or facilities management, tax depreciation and cost management of events or business operations. A Quantity Surveyor is sometimes referred to as a Cost Consultant, Cost Engineer or Building Economist in different parts of the world. Most often, the quantity surveyor is simply known as "the QS" in a project team.

Why would you need a Quantity Surveyor?

A Quantity Surveyor can provide independent financial advice for anyone who currently has a project(s) in the property and/or construction sector or have future projects in mind.

They can provide analysis of different options you can have from the Masterplanning stage to setting out budgets and financial implications during design to controlling and auditing the flow of cash during construction.

Some Quantity Surveyors also provide other services such as project management, tax depreciation, recurrent costing, event management, schedule of furniture and fittings, etc.

Why choose our team?

Cost Plan is the smart choice because we understand that investors require intelligent and innovative cost advice and management services. We???re committed to delivering:

  • - Accurate and timely cost management advice, ensuring you make the right project decisions ??? faster.
  • - A thorough and creative approach to cost and management services in order to achieve a plan that meets your requirements within the approved budget.
  • - Comprehensive documents (BOQ) that minimizes risk exposure to cost and time overruns during construction.
  • - Effective contract administration procedures during construction, so you can flag cost issues before they develop into overruns.
  • - Optimized costs and cost effective alternatives.
  • - Responsive to client needs and requirements.

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